The Human Story

As it Really Happened

             THE HUMAN STORY - As it Really Happened

A human being telling his own story tends to have a strong winners’ bias.  The very fact that I am here today is used to assume that all my forebears did the right things always.   This also somehow seems to imply that we were always the same and will always be the same.  The theory of human evolution as it stands today is not a complete picture that can explain every step of the way.  I always felt that the very fact that we were studying ourselves denied the endeavor total objectivity.  This was more so if we found that there was a lot hidden in our past that would not make us proud.  But true curiosity never waits for the niceties.  When I dig into our past all the skeletons are objects of great interest.  Even when these are only of the cupboard variety!

The anthropologists and archaeologists who study human evolution tend to focus more on primitive tribes and remote burials to piece together the story of humans.  I wanted to slightly differ and watch closely our own society to try and infer the past.  I would never for a moment dream of even slightly underestimating the enormous back breaking work these wonderful ladies and gentlemen put in the field.  They are continuously bringing together the pieces of the jigsaw that would one day tell the whole truth.  But in the meantime I have done my own studies and formulated a story that is highly provocative indeed.  My ultimate aim is not to assert that my story is the truth, but to serve to stimulate a million minds that are right now distracted.  Once these minds turn around in the right direction the true story will be told in no time.  It will make me proud if that story resembles the yarn I am going to spin in this book.


This book is for everyone who ever asked the simple question “Where did I come from?”  The issues described in this book will give them a lot of interesting ideas.  There may also be many ideas which you may not be able to agree with or accept.  I suggest that you use them to formulate better ones of your own.  Probably the most provocative idea here could be my complete assumption that Homo sapiens is no different in any manner whatsoever from any other ape, primate or mammal.  That we were always animals and will always be animals.  Wearing clothes and communicating with words notwithstanding.  If you heartily agree with me on this point then most certainly you will enjoy this book.  If this does not feel right then this book may not be appropriate for you. 

After reading this book, do share with the world your views.  Tell your version of what happened.  Work with everyone to unearth the truth – however agreeable or disagreeable it may ultimately turn out to be.



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